To Master and Doctoral Applicants
Please upload your academic records, certificates, CV or any documents to express your
proficiency in the proper university folder by December 24, 2020 in the following link.
1. One applicant please uploads ONLY one file.
2. File name designation is your ID and name
    ( Example: 2062 Lang Bunlong )
** Interview committee will study each applicant’s document before interview examination. **
Link for upload documents:

Dear Thai Royal Scholarship Applicants,
For more convenience to contact applicants in each major, may I ask you to confirm your “E-mail address”. Please
1. click on “search ID” and find your name
2. click on “edit E-mail”
3. input your “e-mail”
4. input your Date of Birth as a password to identified yourself.
(The password is applicant’s birthday in the ‘DD.MM.YYYY’ format).
Example : Your Birthday is 5 September 1988
DD : For 5 input ‘05’
MM : For September input ‘09’
YYYY : For your birth year 1988 input ‘1988’
Input your Date of Birth : 05.09.1988
5. Click on “submit for edit E-mail”
Examination Place : Phnom Penh